Frequently Asked Questions – General

General FAQs

Can I expect my floor to have variations and character blemishes?

As a natural product made from wood timber, all grades of hardwood flooring will have colour variations. However, exotic wood species will have more colour variation than domestic species. Character blemishes such as pinholes, knots and mineral streaks tend to be more common in lower grades of flooring.

Can I install hardwood over a radiant heated floor system?

Roman’s Flooring and Stairs follows the guidelines established by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), which allows the installation of ½-inch or more of engineered White Oak hardwood flooring and recommends solid quarter sawn and rift-sawn wood flooring as well.

Do I need a moisture barrier for an above-grade flooring installation?

Roman’s Flooring and Stairs recommends that a vapour barrier of 15-pound felt paper be placed between the hardwood flooring and the wood subfloor to prevent any moisture from reaching the floor. Moisture mat also provides added moisture protection. Please note, wood floors should never be mopped.

What type of molding or transition piece will I need?

Roman’s Flooring and Stairs offers a line of mouldings and transition pieces to complement its many flooring species and colours. The mouldings vary based on their intended use.

When ordering hardwood flooring, how much extra is needed to allow for waste?

Roman’s Flooring and Stairs recommends adding 7 to 12 percent for waste and cuts, depending on the skill level of the installer and the layout of space. For example, a diagonal installation will result in more waste than traditional installation.

Why is it important to mix planks from multiple boxes during installation?

All hardwood flooring will have colour variations. Different boxes of the same species can vary noticeably in colour and grain. By mixing the pieces from multiple boxes during installation, the shade variations across the entire floor will appear random.