What We Offer – Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Basics

Today’s vinyl flooring is a great option for many different rooms and situations. The product is known for its durability, a result of the way in which it’s manufactured.

Most sheet vinyl currently on the market is made up of four layers, each of which adds something to the overall properties of the product. The layers include a backing material; a central, core layer; a decorative layer; and a final layer to prevent wear and tear to the flooring.

In addition to being known for durability, vinyl is known for its versatility. One of the things that make sheet vinyl so versatile is the wide variety of patterns and colours that are available. Vinyl’s diverse patterns are the result of a process known as rotogravure printing, in which the flooring is passed under a large cylinder that imprints the decorative layer. With modern technology, this layer can realistically mimic other flooring products, such as wood or stone, creating a host of possibilities for combinations and patterns.